Timeshare / Monaco

St. Louis, MO –Monaco is pleased to present two exhibitions curated by Jeff Robinson,Time Share and Warm Welcome, opening Friday, May 10, from 7:00 – 10:00 pm. 

Time Share, features work by Tom Burtonwood, Mark Joshua Epstein, Kelly Kaczynski, Mary Laube, Melissa Leandro, Frances Lightbound, and SaraNoa Mark; and Warm Welcome, a companion to Time Share in the Monaco Project Gallery, features works and personal effects from St. Louis artist Sage Dawson.  

Time Share makes reference to those dwellings with shared ownership as a lens for considering artist collectives like Monaco, and to engender a spirit of mutuality that is required in such communal spaces. The exhibition takes as its prompt the generosity of Sage Dawson, a member of Monaco, who has given her curatorial opportunity for this exhibition to take place. The artists featured in Time Sharemake work that parallel aspects of Dawson’s studio practice. Though each artist pursues divergent aspirations, common threads are seen throughout the work and include formal and material sensitivity, as well as reference to domesticity and architecture and an overall concern for the identity of space. Collectively, the works allude to a domestic-like setting that is necessary to instill a sense of community and reciprocity.



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Review by Rusty Freeman in the New Art Examiner —> http://newartexaminer.org/time-share.html

“Mary Laube establishes a different sensibility of home space with meticulous, sensual paintings. Hanbok may reference traditional Korean clothing, and Perfume figures as the latest little black dress, while the wildcard Urnrelates etymologically to the ballot box.”