The Warp Whistle Project began in 2013 when Mary Laube and Paul Schuette met at the Virginia Center for Creative Arts. Having limited knowledge of each other’s focused discipline, we saw this as an opportunity to take on a truly experimental endeavor. Our early works were small juxtapositions of components from our respective fields of expertise (paintings that made sound). This rudimentary approach was a necessary starting point that sprouted an honest working method capable of unearthing possibilities for the future. In addition to formatting paintings with speakers, we also rummaged through site-specific installations, video projects, and plans for making our own electronically driven musical instruments. It wasn’t until we were commissioned by the Network for New Music to create a work that combined visual and concert experiences, that we stumbled upon The Navigator, a project that has set the Warp Whistle Project on an exciting and more ambitious trajectory. 

Paul Schuette is a composer and sound artist. He received his D.M.A. from the College-Conservatory of Music at the University of Cincinnati in 2013. He currently teaches at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia.